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Designing for a Feeling & Turning a Passion Into a Successful Business – Kyle Doerksen of Onewheel

You have probably ridden an electric car or scooter, but have you ever ridden a Onewheel? This lightweight mobility vehicle has one giant wheel and a motor, and sensors that control the motion of the motor to balance you. So it balances for you, and you lean forward to go, back to slow down, and lean on the side to make a turn. But perhaps most importantly, it is designed to create a joyful feeling while riding it. What does it mean to design and engineer a product for a feeling? In this episode of Thanks for Making It, host Beth Altringer Eagle, head of Brown and RISD’s Master of Arts in Design Engineering, interviews Kyle Doerksen, the creator of Onewheel. They discuss his background in design and engineering, how he turned a Design Engineering passion into a successful business while still working at IDEO, Onewheel’s creative process, and the many benefits of mixing design and engineering.

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Design Engineering is a low-ego team sport – Hal Wuertz, AI/ML at IBM

In this latest episode of the Thanks for Making It podcast, we interview another faculty member from Brown and RISD’s Master of Arts in Design Engineering, Hal Wuertz, Design Principal, AI Experience and Research at IBM. Hal shares her perspective on how design intersects with engineering, what differentiates great design from good design, why having a low ego is critical in the design space, her professional journey, and what made her interested in art and design.

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Using Insights to Build More Powerful and User-Friendly Design – Prof Khipra Nichols Head of ID at RISD

Good design starts with good insights. And designers should be able to understand what their target audience is feeling or thinking in order to create the right solution for them. 

But how do you become more receptive to insights? According to our guest today, you nurture your perspective and point of view.

In this episode of the Thanks for Making It podcast, our host Beth Altringer Eagle welcomes Professor Khipra Nichols, MADE Faculty Co-Director and Head of the Industrial Design Department at RISD. They talk about the importance of insights for design, the difference between good and great design, and why design pushes you to go beyond your own expectations.

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How to Bring Design and Engineering Together to Craft a Seamless User Experience – Jamar Bromley of Samsung

Many tech companies now use design to communicate with their customers by bringing innovative products to market and creating a stronger identity for their brand.

But in technical fields, focusing solely on design won't get you far enough; design needs to come together with engineering to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

In this episode of Thanks for Making It, host Beth Altringer Eagle interviews Jamar Bromley, a Senior Graphic Designer at Samsung Electronics America. They chat about the differences between good design and great design, how to use haptic and tactile design to create magical experiences, and why self-expression matters in the design world.